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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wildlife Rangers (Full time – minimum commitment two months)

We require Wildlife Rangers from the beginning of June until mid-December.  The minimum period is two months but we are looking for several people who can commit for the entire season.  Wildlife Rangers are responsible for protecting nesting loggerhead turtles, their eggs and the nesting beaches.  Duties will include night patrols to deter hunters, tagging and measuring turtles and collecting data and day patrols to relocate nests to the hatchery.  Following the end of the nesting season Rangers will be responsible for monitoring nests and releasing hatchlings.  You may be asked to perform other duties such as working in the hatchery, guiding visitors on nighttime walks as well as participating in outreach activities with schools and other groups.  You may also participate in or develop research projects. This is an opportunity to be part of a new and expanding project that is achieving excellent results and with your contribution will continue to evolve.  It will not only provide you with good experience of turtle conservation techniques but also give you the opportunity to make a real difference to the survival of marine turtles. Rangers have been directly responsible for saving numerous nesting turtles and hatchlings and experience a high level of satisfaction from being able to rapidly affect the declining situation in Cabo Verde.  Rangers are based in Santa Maria but spend varying periods at the field camp in basic conditions. Please note that only water and basic foods are provided in the camps (see section about the camp for more information).


We need motivated, committed and flexible individuals with a strong desire to make a difference.  Previous experience on turtle projects is not necessary but priority will be given to those with relevant experience and who wish to develop a career in conservation work.

This is challenging work that can be extremely tiring and stressful.  You will work during the night as well as during the day.  A good level of fitness and physical and mental energy is required as patrols are long (possibly all night), conducted on foot may be as much as 15km. Shift patterns vary but you will have one day’s rest per week.  Read the FAQs for more information.

We patrol in pairs and are sometimes supported by the military but you will encounter hunters on the beach even if soldiers are present.  You should be sure that you are mentally strong and calm enough to accept this. 

Requirements for Wildlife Rangers (full time)
  • Desire to work in conservation
  • High level of energy & flexibility
  • At least 18 years old
  • Understand written and spoken English
  • Good attention to detail
  • Driving License
  • Good level of physical fitness
  • Used to physically challenging conditions (long walks, late nights, hot weather, insects)
  • Ability to work and live with people of different backgrounds and nationalities
  • Able to work independently and show initiative

We are particularly interested to hear from you if:
  • You have previous experience with a turtle conservation project
  • You have experience of working within a national parks system
  • You speak more than one language – particularly Kriolu, Portuguese, Italian, German or French
  • You are a mechanic and able to maintain quad bikes and a cars with limited resources
  • You have practical skills such as woodworking or building
  • You have sales or customer service skills
  • You have computer skills (design packages, spreadsheet or database management)
  • You have experience in tourism
  • You have legal experience
  • You are a teacher or have experience in environmental education
  • You have experience training and managing volunteers in a similar project

Benefits: Shared accommodation in surf hotel, Turtle House ( is provided.  A monthly food allowance of €100 per month may be offered depending on experience or length of commitment. Rangers normally cook dinner communally for €10 per person per week, other meals are prepared individually.  Sal is not a cheap place to live so you should have sufficient money to support yourself.  Your allowance may be increased if you take on additional responsibilities (such as training, maintenance of equipment, data entry, liaison with volunteers and outreach activities) or show initiative that results in improvements in and development of the project.  Expenses incurred on behalf of the project will be reimbursed but no other costs will be paid.

Timing :  We require Wildlife Rangers from the beginning of June until mid-December and prefer candidates who can commit to two months or longer.  Start dates relate to training sessions and are as follows:
Week commencing 04 June/25 June/16 July/6 August/03 September.  We have open start dates in September, October and November.


  1. Hello Jacquie,

    I wanted to apply for one of the ranger positions as I believe I am highly qualified. It seems to me that the application window was very quick, although I was abroad and not with constant (or very affordable) internet access, so I may be biased. Regardless, is it still possible for me to apply? I speak fluent Spanish and English (broken Italian), I work in environmental education with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and am highly motivated individual. I know that the qualifications to apply as of right now are a little different (fluent in Portuguese/Creole language, etc.) but I would still like to submit an application if you are still possibly looking for a better fit candidate.

    Thanks for your time!


    1. Dear Ana, firstly apologies for the long delay in responding, I only just saw your comment. Please do apply, opportunities always come up (some applicants do drop out as well), so if we have your application, we can let you know. We are always looking for good people and try to find a place for as many motivated individuals as possible. Thanks.