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Friday, December 7, 2012

Why this project is different to other projects

  • The work is very direct and hands on.  We are saving turtles from being killed, preventing the loss of nests and protecting habitat.  You will see immediate results from your work.
  • We do not charge you HUGE FEES.  The majority of participants actually GET PAID a living allowance plus accommodation.  
  • By taking on more responsibility you have the opportunity to EARN MORE. 
  • We are based in a tourist resort so there are a lot of restaurants and bars plus great beaches and access to watersports (world famous windsurfing spot, diving, sailing)
  • You can get involved in other aspects of the project such as tourism, outreach, research (ongoing work on beach suitability, sex-ratio and in-water studies).
  • It's not just us - there's loads of people who live here of all nationalities who give one or two nights a week to protecting the turtles - it makes it a multi-national, multi-aged, interesting place to work.

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